About-imageThe Federalist Papers, written by James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and John Jay, were described by Thomas Jefferson as “the best commentary on the principles of government which was ever written,” and by distinguished historian Clinton Rossiter as “the most important work in political science that has ever been written.”


However, the Papers have largely been inaccessible because of their voluminous content and arcane language. These challenges are addressed in Roots of Liberty: Unlocking the Federalist Papers, a comprehensive curriculum including:


  • a student text featuring ten essays written by scholars unifying key topics and themes throughout the Papers (20 copies included with each classroom set)
  • an accompanying teacher’s discussion guide with multiple tools and activities
  • companion videos corresponding to lessons


Topics Include:

  • the doctrine of enumerated powers
  • separation of powers
  • federalism
  • the independent judiciary
  • how the U.S. Constitution enables public officials to make good decisions
  • political freedom
  • economic freedom
  • religious freedom
  • the Constitution as a defense against foreign aggression


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